Corbyn has momentum, but May is UK’s preferred PM, suggests poll

The latest YouGov poll puts Labour ahead of the Tories, but suggests that May is the country’s preferred prime minister.

The latest YouGov/Times poll, released on YouGov on Tuesday and conducted between the 21st and 22nd August, puts Labour ahead of the Conservatives, 42% - 41%.

The poll is a statistical tie when it comes to voting intentions for the two main parties, and puts the Liberal Democrats on 8%.

Labour may have a slight advantage over the Conservatives, but in the 21st century of 24/7 media, leadership matters too.

When poll respondents were asked to name their preferred prime minister, 37% said Theresa May while 33% said Jeremy Corbyn. A further 31% said they did not know.

The previous YouGov poll put May on 36% and Corbyn on 33%, suggesting that the gap is widening, although more polls over time will have to be conducted to see if this is a trend.

Overall, May was damaged by June’s election, but the fact she is preferred to Corbyn adds to the case for her remaining in power. A new Tory leader would likely have a brief honeymoon period, but in the long-run would run the risk of performing poorly.

With numbers like this, May looks secure.

For now.

The full results of the YouGov/Times poll can be accessed here.