Big Ben’s 4-year silence – 7 things that have taken four years

George H W Bush Troops

Four years is a very long time. What else has can take four years?

With the BBC reporting that Big Ben could remain silent until 2021, followed by a review of the issue, we take a look at other things that have last four whole years.

1. American high school

Across the pond, students starting high school this “fall” will be graduating by the time Big Ben rings again. If said students come to go to university in London then they will be finished just in time to hear the sounds of Ben ring across the city.

2. Honours degree in Scotland

You could complete an entire degree! Students coming from around the world to start their honours degrees north of the border will be graduating by the time Big Ben strikes again.

That certainly puts things into perspective.

3. Battlestar Galactica (2004)

This hit television Sci-Fi series lasted four seasons, with its release run extending just under four years from September 2004 to March 2009.

4. Guinea Pigs

If you are planning on buying a pet guinea pig, the sad truth is that he or she will probably not last more than four years, according to the Mysterious World. That said, if you think four years is an awfully long time for Big Ben to stay silent, then you’ll enjoy four long happy years with your guinea pig.

5. The Lego Movie

According to Hollywood, the 2014 hit “The Lego Movie took a staggering four years to make due to numerous rewrites and extensive animations.

6. Jimmy Carter’s term

The most recent Democratic one-term president won the White House from the Republicans in 1976 only to lose it four years later to Ronald Reagan. Carter’s 1980 loss ushered in twelve long years of Republican rule before the spell was broken by Bill Clinton’s stunning win against George H. W. Bush.

7. George H. W. Bush’s term

Like Carter before him, Bush became a one term president. Having served as Reagan’s VP for eight whole years he won the 1988 election against Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis.

If you thought Bush’s and Carter’s respective terms lasted long, then you’ll find the next four years of silent London a long slog.

With a review under way over the length of Big Ben’s silence, there is just one question on our minds.

What will last longer: Big Ben’s silence or Donald Trump’s presidency? The game is on.