This new Independent/BGM poll damages Theresa May’s future

A new poll, conducted by BGM Research for the Independent, suggests that 48% favour the PM stepping down before 2022.

The new BGM Research/Independent poll asked respondents if Theresa May should quit ahead of the next general election, which is currently scheduled to take place in June 2022.

The poll, conducted between the 7th and 11th August, suggests that 48% think the PM should step aside before the election while just 29% said she should stay in the job.

When “don’t knows” are removed, a total of 62% said Theresa May should resign before the next election ahead of the 38% in disagreement.

The poll is a damning blow to the prime minister’s authority, which has been severely weakened since her failed attempt to increase her party’s majority back in June.

On top of that, in another striking attack on her political armour, the poll suggests that when it comes to who would make the best prime minister there is a statistical tie between her and the Labour leader, although Jeremy Corbyn has a slight edge.

The poll suggests that 33% prefer Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister. The figure stands at 32% for May.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. When it comes to voting intention, the BGM/Independent poll puts the Tories slightly ahead of Labour, 42% - 39%.

This marks a change from the numerous polls since the election, which have put Labour ahead, however, it is still worth noting how tight the race is.

Overall, the poll is very bad news for Theresa May, but at least her party can find some comfort in the figures on voting intention.

The Independent's full report on the poll can be read here.