Donald Trump 2020? Just 28% think he should run again, says poll

A new YouGov/Economist poll indicates that very few Americans are in favour of Donald Trump running for a second term.

The YouGov/Economist poll was conducted between the 6th and 8th of August.

It found that only 28% of its respondents thought Donald Trump should run for a second term at the 2020 election.

In contrast, 53% of respondents said he should not run again while those who said not sure stood at 19%.

When “not sures” are removed, 35% said they think he should run again. 65% disagreed.

Unsurprisingly, the poll splits along party and ideological lines. 84% of Democrats say he should not run again as do 87% of liberal-identifiers.

What is interesting though, is the splits in the Republican ranks. Six in ten Republicans say he should run again while a relatively high 20% of Republicans say he should not. 21% say he should not.

Even more interesting is the split amongst Trump-voters. A total of 69% who backed him in the 2016 election said he should run again. 12% said he should not while 19% said they are not sure.

It’s likely that for many, he was backed reluctantly. It suggests that some of his supporters are thinking: once was enough.

Donald Trump has only just passed the six-month mark, but are all eyes soon set to turn in the direction of Vice President Mike Pence?

The full results of the YouGov/Economist poll can be found here.