61% disapprove of the government's handling of Brexit negotiations, says poll

A new ORB poll suggests that a significant majority of UK voters disapprove of the way Theresa May’s government is handling Brexit negotiations.

The new ORB poll, conducted between the 2nd and 3rd August, suggests that the British public have a negative view of the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations. A total of 61% of respondents said they disapproved while 39% said they approved. That’s a net approval rating of -22%. The poll does not make good reading for the government.

In terms of changes over time, at the end of last year and the very start of this year, ORB data indicated that around 63% disapproved while the rest approved of the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations. The figures soon converged with more voters then saying they approved than disapproved between February and the start of June.

Both post-election polls suggest that most voters disapprove of the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations.

When respondents were asked to agree or disagree with the statement that they were confident the PM would get the right deal, the opinion pattern over time is similar to that of views towards the government’s handling of Brexit negotiations. The new poll suggests that 44% are not confident that the PM will get the right deal while 35% are confident.

The poll also found that voters were marginally optimistic about the economy after Brexit. In the new poll, 40% said we would be economically better off while 37% disagreed.

A whopping 65% said they think the UK will have more control over immigration against the 20% in disagreement.

Finally, voters were seen to be split on whether they thought that controlling immigration was more important than access to free trade. A total of 44% said they agreed compared to the 41% in disagreement.


The full results of the poll can be found here. A total of 2,000 UK adults were polled between 2nd and 3rd August.