Labour may be surging, but May still preferred over Corbyn, says poll

Since the election, Labour have been ahead of the Tories in most opinion polls, however, when it comes to who voters want to be the next prime minister, Theresa May is the preferred choice.

The latest YouGov/Sunday Times poll, which gave Labour a lead over the Tories (44% - 41%), adds to the narrative that Labour is making significant inroads since the election. On top of that, the party recently won a striking council by-election victory, in an area where the party had not seen success for 40 years.

On top of that, May’s approval ratings have not been good since the election, suggesting that the prime minister – alongside her tentative majority with the DUP – is in a weak position.

However, when it comes to who voters would prefer as prime minister, May is ahead of her Labour opponent.

The latest YouGov poll asked respondents who they thought would make the better prime minister?

A total of 36% said Theresa May compared to the 33% that picked Jeremy Corbyn. Despite May’s damaged image since the election, she is still ahead of Corbyn on this crucial question.

That all said, this poll marks a slight narrowing of the gap between Corbyn and May, something suggesting that the situation could be moving in Jeremy Corbyn’s preferred direction. In July, 37% picked the current prime minister while 32% chose the leader of the opposition.

However, while May has suffered a huge blow in terms of electoral failure and damaged credibility, the fact that she continues to beat Corbyn on this vital question, suggests that all is not perfect for the Labour leader.

Such numbers are likely helping ensure that she remains in Number 10.

For now.

The full results of the poll can be found here. Respondents were questioned between the 31st July and 1st August.