This many voters saw the BBC as fair and balanced in the election, says poll

A new YouGov/LPC poll suggests 26% of voters felt the BBC was fair and balanced during the election. What do you think?

The YouGov/LPC poll asked an extensive series of questions to respondents about the media, its influence, and its role in June’s 2017 general election.

One set of questions asked voters to “describe the performance of the media over the course of the 2017 General election.” Respondents were presented with a list of options and were asked the choose all that applied.

For the media in general, just 7% said they thought it gave a fair and balanced coverage of the election. The top response was that personality was given to big a priority over the politics (35%) while 29% the media was sensationalist.

When it came to the BBC, 26% said they felt the news corporation was fair and balanced. This was the top option picked and the highest compared to all the other news outlets asked about. A total of 15% said the BBC influenced the outcome while 15% also said that it “unfairly targeted particular groups or individuals.”


The 26% figure may at first seem like a damning report of the corporation’s ability to remain neutral and deliver balanced coverage, however, when this figure is compared to the equivalent figures for other media outlets, the 26% is placed high above the rest.

For instance, just 12% of respondents said the same about ITV; 9% said the same about Sky. Although it is worth noting that for these two, over 50% of respondents put that they did not know whereas the equivalent figure for the BBC was 31%, something that suggests that more people watched the BBC. This is backed up by the fact that a previous question in the poll points to 60% saying they “very regularly” get their political news from the corporation.

Did the BBC provide a fair and balanced coverage during the election?

The full results of the poll can be viewed here. A total of 1,601 GB adults were surveyed between the 20th and 21st July.