The great British political divide: Labour on 73% with young people

The latest YouGov poll, just like other polls since the election, shows how striking the age divide is when it comes to voters’ behaviour.

The new YouGov poll conducted for the Sunday Times between 31st July and 1st August shows how divided British politics is when it comes to different age groups.

The division has been accentuated since the election due to voters from minor parties switching support to the reds and blues in a sign of a return to Britain’s traditional two-party system.

Overall, the poll puts Labour on 44% and the Conservatives on 41%.

When it comes to the age-group breakdown, the splits in party preference are really quite staggering.

For the 18-24-year-olds, almost three in four voters (73%) said they intend to vote Labour. In contrast, just 12% of this group said they would vote for the Conservatives.

At the other end of the age-spectrum, a whopping 64% of voters 65-years-old and over said they would back Theresa May’s party. A total of 22% said they would back Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

Of those 25-49, 54% said they would support Labour ahead of the 30% that said they would vote for the Tories. And of those aged 50-64, 49% said they would support the Conservatives while just 34% were Labour supporters.

This poll - and others - shows a deep division in British politics. Clearly, the likelihood that someone is a Conservative voter increases quite impressively with age.

Class was once a key determinant in voters’ probability of voting for a particular party, but this poll suggests that socioeconomic status differences are limited. When it comes to ABC1 voters, 41% said they support the Tories and 42% said they backed Labour. As for C2DE voters, 46% said they would vote for Corbyn, and 40% said they would vote for May.

“Class is the basis of British party politics; all else is embellishment and detail,” wrote Pulzer in 1967. With almost equal splits amongst socioeconomic groups, and new divisions on age and Brexit, the British political arena has changed significantly in the last fifty years.

The full results of the YouGov poll can be found here.