Macron’s presidency is not going well, says poll

A new YouGov poll conducted for CNews TV Channel and the Huffington post points to a disproval of the new French president, according to the Independent.

The Independent reports that the YouGov poll found that a staggering 49% of poll respondents said they disapproved of Macron while just 36% said they approved of his performance.

That gives him a net approval rating of -13%.

The president won the first round of the presidential election back in April. Two weeks later, he defeated far-right Marine Le Pen to take the presidency.

This new poll follows one by Ifop-JDD, which showed a significant drop in approval.

Still, at least Macron’s approval ratings are not as bad as Donald Trump's. The US president has been struggling in the polls.

Then again, compared to neighbouring European leader Angela Merkel, who is on track for an historic fourth term as German Chancellor, his situation could be a lot better.

With five years to prove himself, will Macron be a great centrist, liberal reformer? Or will he be a failed one-term president like Francois Hollande who came before him?