Ruth Davidson references May's "fields of wheat" incident in tweet

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has tweeted a series of pictures - references to Theresa May’s much-mocked fields of wheat incident.

June’s general election was not a good night for Theresa May. She lost her party its majority by calling an unnecessary general election. There was however, one Conservative leader who had a good night – Ruth Davidson.

In Scotland, the Tories went from one to thirteen seats, an impressive breakthrough considering that the Scottish Tories had not won more than one seat north of the border since 1992.

Ruth Davidson, who is active on Twitter, has tweeted a series of photos from a visit to Gorgie farm in the City of Edinburgh.

In her tweet she said she was “encouraged to run through their field of wheat. Naughty.”

Her tweet is a reference to the moment in the general election campaign when Prime Minister Theresa May said the naughtiest thing she had ever done was run through fields of wheat when she was younger, according to the Independent.

Ruth Davidson is seen as a potential future Westminster Conservative leader, but her main goal right now is to become Scotland’s first Conservative first minister, having leapfrogged Scottish Labour to come second in last year’s Scottish parliamentary election.