7 upcoming elections from across the world

The UK has had its fair share of elections and other votes in recent years. Which other countries are set to vote in the coming months?

Kenya - 8th August

The Kenyan elections take place this coming week. The country will be voting for a President, a National Assembly and a Senate. President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee Alliance is seeking a second term in office, having been first elected in 2013. His main rival is Raila Odinga, a former prime minister of the National Super Alliance.

This will be Odinga’s third presidential election – third time lucky?

Norway – 11th September

Norway is set to elect its new “storting” (parliament) this September. A right-of-centre coalition government has been in power since 2013 led by PM Emma Solberg. Opinion polls point to the Labour party being ahead of Solberg’s Conservatives, but it does not matter which party is the largest - what matters is whether it’s the left-of-centre or the right-of-centre that can command a majority in the storting.

New Zealand – 23rd September

Next month, New Zealand is set to vote for its new parliament. The National Party has been in power since 2008 having made a variety of deals with smaller parties to stay in power over the years. Can newly appointed PM Bill English secure his first personal victory? Or can Labour steal a dramatic win?

Opinion polls indicate that the National Party are likely to win their fourth victory in a row.

Germany – 24th September

In perhaps one of the most significant elections on this list, Germany is due to vote for its new bundestag – its main legislative body - at the end of September. Angela Merkel is seeking an historic fourth term as chancellor. Polls suggest that her party is on track to be the largest, but can Martin Schulz’ Social Democratic Party jump from second-place to first?

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Liberia10th October

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Unity Party, who has been Liberia’s president since the start of 2006 is not running for a third term, but her long-term Vice President Joseph Boaki is seeking the top job this time around. As well as a electing a president, the people of Liberia are electing their House of Representatives.

Chile – 19th November

The Chilean presidential election is set to be held in November this year. A runoff election will then be held in December if no candidate secures more than 50% of the available votes. Michelle Bachelet, the current Chilean president cannot seek a third term. Recent opinion polling suggests that former president Sebastián Piñera is the current front-runner. Elections are also taking place for the country’s Chamber of Deputies, as well as its Senate.

Honduras – 26th November

On 26th November, Honduras will be electing a new president, as well as its National Congress. President Juan Orlando Hernández, of the National Party, is seeking a second term in the top job.

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