Watch: 7 times politicians sang the national anthem

With the BBC reporting that Theresa May sang the British national anthem in a hotel bar in Italy, we bring you seven other times where politicians sang their national anthems – from the singing champions to the downright awful and bizarre.

On Monday, the BBC reported that the UK’s prime minister sang “God Save the Queen” at a hotel in Lombardy, Italy. Here are seven other politicians singing – or not singing! – their national anthems.

1. Boris Johnson “sings” the national anthem – the French one!

2. Welsh secretary John Redwood tried to sing the Welsh national anthem in 1993

3. Jeremy Corbyn (not) singing “God Save the Queen” at the Battle of Britain memorial

4. That time pro-Scottish independence SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon sang the British national anthem

5. Barack Obama’s toasting during the British national anthem

6. Donald Trump singing the US national anthem

According to the Huffington Post, Trump received criticism on social media for his “seemingly-jovial rendition” at a “normally-sombre Memorial Day ceremony”.

7. That time the SNP were shouted at for singing the EU’s official anthem – in the House of Commons chamber...


Not a national anthem, but you can’t forget David Cameron’s humming after he announced that he was about to leave Number 10 Downing Street.