Scaramucci out – 7 of the shortest-serving US communication directors

Anthony Scaramucci At SALT Conference 2016

With the news that Scaramucci is no longer the White House communications director, here are the 7 shortest-serving individuals to have held the role.

On Monday, the BBC reported that Anthony Scaramucci had been sacked as Donald Trump’s communications director.

The site reported that Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, John Kelly, cut short the director’s role.

The move follows a New Yorker report that Scaramucci had complained about many of his colleagues to a reporter using foul language.

Here are seven of the shortest-serving individuals to serve as White House Communications Director.

7th - George Stephanopoulos – 138 days

Stephanopoulos served as communications director at the very start of Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1993 before becoming a Senior Advisor to the president himself.

6th – Frank Ursomarso – 114 days

Ursomarso briefly served as communications director under Ronald Reagan before being replaced by David Gergen in 1981.

5th – Ellen Moran – 91 days

Moran served as communications director at the very start of Barack Obama’s presidency. According to Politico, she left the role in order to become the chief of staff for then Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.

4thMike Dubke – 88 days

If you recognise this name it is because he served in the role under Donald Trump just like Scaramucci. He lasted in the position for less than 100 days, with the Guardian reporting that the move signalled the beginning of a “long expected staff shakeup”.

3rdSean Spicer – 45 days

Spicer started off as both press secretary and communications director before handing over reigns of the latter to Mike Dubke in March. He left the former role in July, as reported by the BBC.

2nd – Jack Koehler – 11 days

Koehler was the White House’s Communications Director for just eleven days under the presidency of Ronald Reagan in 1987. According to his obituary in the Sun Sentinel, Koehler, left the role in order to “give the newly named chief of staff his choice of team members.”

According to the Reagan Archives, his resignation letter said:

“I recognize and endorse the importance that Senator Baker must have his own team with whom he will feel comfortable to carry out your program so vital for the American people.”

However, the Sentinel also reports that it was revealed that Koehler, originally from Germany, was, at ten years of age in a Nazi group for children.

1st – The shortest serving communications director is Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci At SALT Conference 2016

Until Scaramucci came along, Koehler held the top spot on this list. Not anymore.

The BBC reports that Scaramucci served less than ten days in the role. The New York Times reports that he lasted just 10 days in the role as does NBC News.

Meanwhile Vox has reported that Scaramucci's official start date was meant to be the 15th August, but he had started working in the role before that.

Scaramucci is the latest of Trump’s people to go. Who will be next?

The lengths of service mentioned in this list are based of Wikipedia's record of White House communications directors.