Michael Gove has written this bizarre article about a popular comedian

As articles – and titles - go, this is one strange piece of writing from the new Environment Secretary.

After coming third in last summer’s Tory leadership election, Michael Gove served his time on the political backbenches before being allowed to return to the cabinet after June’s snap election – this time as Environment Secretary.

Then on Saturday, an article written by Gove was published in the Spectator with the luring title: “My compromising photo of Jack Whitehall”.

It begins like this:

“As pictures go, it could be career death. An amazing young talent caught in a compromising position with two older men. And it’s on my computer. The talent in question is Jack Whitehall, the brilliant actor/comedian, star of Decline and Fall and Bad Education, who was appearing at the Hammersmith Apollo last week.”

Intrigued, and somewhat confused, the initial reaction is to read on.

The picture in question is of Whitehall, his father Michael Whitehall, and James Delingpole, the pro-Brexit columnist who has written for the likes of the Spectator and the Telegraph. Gove then writes that:

“The picture of the two of them smiling either side of Jack is probably about as credibility-enhancing among his fan base as a shot of him sporting a Vote Leave lapel badge and a Make America Great Again baseball cap. Which is why I won’t be releasing it. But it does make a great screen-saver on my departmental laptop.”

The actual photo, it turns out, is rather far from what one might have thought from the title and even further from what one may have considered from the first paragraph.

Gove then goes on to say that he is used to embarrassing pictures, having had himself photographed with Donald Trump in an overly large T-shirt.

He then goes on to praise George Osborne as a newspaper editor.

If Gove’s photo were to be released, would it be career death for the popular comedian?

I doubt it.

The full article by Michael Gove can be read here: