Vince Cable on a Brexit transition deal: "kicking can down the road"

The new leader of the Liberal Democrats has tweeted his reaction about the possibility of a Brexit transition deal.

The tweet comes as Chancellor Philip Hammond has said that a post-Brexit transition deal between the UK and EU would be over by the time of the next planned election – in 2022 – according to the BBC.

Tweeting in response to the idea, Cable said:

Sir Vince Cable’s Liberal Democrats went into the election advocating a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal once negotiations are complete.

His tweet was then followed by another in which he congratulated the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for coming out in favour of a new referendum, as reported by the Guardian.


The Liberal Democrats are still pursuing their anti-Brexit, pro-terms referendum. That option failed to make an impact at the election as the party received a slightly lower share of the vote than what they achieved two years previously, however, they did get a net gain of four seats.

If all goes to plan, the UK will have exited the EU by the end of March 2019, but the Lib Dems appear to be gambling on the idea that demand for a vote on the terms will gain significant traction by then. With Sadiq Khan coming out in favour new referendum vote, there are signs that things are moving in the party’s direction. That said however, with Brexit well underway, and no nation-wide vote due for some time, their best hope is another early election.

Could there really be a second EU referendum?