DUP MP says Ireland could “wise up and leave the EU”

European Union

Tweeting on Thursday night, Ian Paisley MP, son of the DUP’s founder of the same name, said that Ireland could end up leaving the EU.

The MP for North Antrim made the remarks on Twitter in response to a tweet by Richard Chambers who tweeted the front page of the Times with the headline: 'Irish want sea border with UK after Brexit'.

Ian Paisley MP retweeted the tweet saying: “1 of 2 things will now happen 1. A very hard border 2. Ireland will wise up and leave the EU”.

The report in the Times is that the Irish PM is reportedly supporting having “no controls” on land.

The BBC has since reported that Ireland’s foreign minister has declared that there is: “No proposal has been made for a sea border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit”.

The site also reported that the DUP called it “madness”.


The border between Northern Ireland and Ireland was always going to be a sticky issue when it came to Brexit negotiations due to it being the only part of the UK to share a land border with another EU nation, apart from Gibraltar and Spain.

The fact that the DUP are now vital for the Conservative minority government surviving only makes the issue more relevant.

Expect to see plenty more discussions surrounding the UK, Ireland, the EU and Brexit.