Places like Goldman are 'not super attractive for people who are entrepreneurial'

At the first New York edition of Internapalooza, engineers from Goldman Sachs and Quicken Loans greeted hundreds of computer science students with smiles and swag as their firms worked to recruit young talent.

Bloomberg News reports that but one high school senior on a day off from from his internship at a venture capital firm wasn’t sold.

"They’re looking pretty desperate," said Shreyas Parab, wearing a mustache-print necktie made by a company he founded. "They’re not super attractive for people who are entrepreneurial."

Luckily he had someone to set him straight, someone he trusted implicitly even though they had just met: a software-engineering intern at Google.

"Any of these can be interesting experiences," Mahmoud Atef, a senior at Alexandria University in Egypt, said of the opportunities he’d surveyed including at startup mortgage-technology firm Blend and hedge fund Two Sigma. "These companies will be as competitive as Google," he said. The Quicken Loans staff "had a lot of energy," he added.

Financial-services companies have contended with a bias among younger job-seekers who are dazzled by tech startups after the conspicuous success of firms like Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Inc. and Facebook Inc.

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Goldman ‘as Competitive’ as Google, Says Young Job-Seeking Coder

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