Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating has nose-dived, says poll

Emmanuel Macron seemingly came from nowhere to take the French presidency. His term just started, but his approval ratings have already started to fall.

As reported by le Journal de Dimanche, a new Ifop-JDD poll puts the French president’s approval rating at 54%. Strikingly, this is down from 62% three months ago, and down from 64% last month, according to the paper. The paper reports that the only other president to undergo such a colossal fall in that short a period of time was Jacques Chirac in 1995.

The change is striking although it is not necessarily unexpected.

The Telegraph reported in June that he shunned a TV interview because his thoughts were apparently “too complex” for the situation.

On top of that, the newly elected president has been under fire for saying that the continent of Africa has got a “civilization” issue, according to Politico, and is already facing a backlash over his plans for economic reform, according to the same site.

Furthermore, while Macron won an impressive presidential victory he was not as popular as some might think. Macron, a centrist candidate, beat a far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen in the second round, and did so by drawing upon the anti-National Front vote. Combine that with the fact that the turnout rate in the second round was the lowest in four decades, according to the Guardian, and it suggests that his victory was in part down to being merely preferred to the other candidate.

On top of that, in the first round, the top four candidates each received between 19.58% and 24.01% of the vote.

There was no overwhelming demand for Macron in the first round as his rivals were not that far behind.

His presidency has only just started, and his numbers could go back up, but these numbers are significant.