This poll shows how bad the campaign was for Theresa May

A recent YouGov poll looking at what people remember from the general election campaign reveals how bad the campaign was for the Conservative party.

One month on from the election, polling company YouGov asked voters what they remembered from the election campaign. The results provide relatively good news for Labour, but not so good news for the Conservatives and Theresa May.

Survey respondents were asked:

“If you had to name one thing you remember about the Conservative party during the General Election campaign, what would that be?

The top response for the Conservative campaign was “bad campaign” on 23%. Interestingly, 20% of Labour voters said this while 27% of Conservative voters did the same. This suggests dissatisfaction with the way the campaign was run came from not just across the political spectrum, but from the party’s own voters.

The second top response was the “strong and stable” slogan on 11%, which means the party managed to get across that core message.

In bad news for the party’s leader, the third top response – on 10% - was negative answers about Theresa May, suggesting a poor performance from the prime minister. Contrast this with neutral answers on the prime minister at 6% and positive responses about her on 0%.

Furthermore, 1% said the thing they most remembered was the prime minister’s fields of wheat incident.

On its own, the numbers do not make pleasant reading for the Conservative party, but taken side-by-side with what people remember from Labour’s campaign makes the situation worse.

For Labour, the answer that respondents gave the most was that they remembered Labour having a good campaign (11%). When the numbers are broken down by how respondents voted in 2017, 23% of Labour voters remembered a good campaign compared to just 4% of Conservative voters.

Furthermore, 11% also said gave neutral answers on the Labour leader. A further 7% said positive statements about Corbyn while 6% gave negative statements.

In bad news for Labour however, 8% said answers to do with empty promises and/or the party having an unaffordable manifesto.

The numbers are not perfect for Labour either, but compared to the 0% of positive statements about the prime minister and the fact that almost one in four said they remembered a bad Conservative campaign, the Labour party certainly has reason to be pleased about this poll.

The full results of the YouGov survey can be found here. 1,661 GB adults were questioned between 12th and 13th July.