NY Post - Money manager after mystery troll said to have damaged business

'Malicious' and 'reckless' online smears.

The New York Post reports that Brett Hickey is going troll hunting.

The 38-year-old Manhattan money manager, his firm for months the subject of “malicious” and “reckless” online smears by an unidentified person or persons, last month decided enough is enough.

So Hickey sued the unidentified troll.

Hickey, who founded Star Mountain Capital seven years ago, sent subpoenas to the sites where the troll’s rantings were posted and was able to obtain ISP addresses of the user — but little else.

The ISP address did show the troll is based in Manhattan — but revealed no other “personally identifiable information,” the complaint said.

Armed with just the John Doe’s IP address, Hickey’s lawyers are set to march into Manhattan state court on June 1 in hopes of winning a judgment against the troll.

The troll’s postings have caused Star Mountain Capital to “lose business opportunities” while suffering “significant monetary damages,” Hickey said in court filings.

Hit the link below to access the complete New York Post article:

Money manager suing online troll to end ‘malicious’ rants

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