Cost-Cutting - 'My colleagues were like turkeys voting for Christmas'

Christmas Turkey

Here's something sent in by one of our readers.

Christmas Turkey

'Let's have your suggestions to cut costs', they said. 'We've got billions to save'.

So, my colleagues, in their hundreds, sent in cost-cutting suggestions in their thousands.

And guess what ? Yep, some of the suggestions were implemented, staff lost their jobs as a result, and life became even more difficult for those of us who were left in the new cost-conscious world. You couldn't make it up - it was like turkeys voting for Christmas!

Now you could say, of course, that unless the firm captured its required cost-savings then it would be in even bigger trouble, and even more heads would eventually roll. And that's probably true. But I'd rather take my chances than point out obvious cost-savings to hugely overpaid executives who then decide that they no longer need my services.

Call me cynical. And, yes, I am. That's because I've been around long enough to see how all this works. Those on the shop floor come up with the answers, make the management look good, and then get rewarded with a pink-slip, while the bosses get recognised with big bonuses for implementing 'their' wonderful cost-saving ideas. Give me a break!

So, next time you get asked to submit cost-cutting ideas, think twice - coz the idea might just be that it's you that gets cut!'.

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