Where's Daniel Goodfellow? Tom Daley's Olympic diving partner disappears

Diving - Men?s Synchronised 10m Platform Victory Ceremony

The mother of an Olympic bronze medalist has complained that media coverage of her son’s win has been out-of-sync with that of his partner.

Thomas Daley and Daniel Goodfellow of Great Britain won bronze in the men’s synchronised 10m platform event on Monday – but Goodfellow has inexplicably been cropped out of some coverage of their win.

The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express both led with an image of Daley alone, while Goodfellow was identified only as his “synchronised partner” in a subheading in the Times.

The apparent snub was remarked upon by several social media users, including the London-based Media Blog, which has more than 72,000 followers on Twitter.

Gabby Logan, the British presenter and a former Wales international gymnast, was critical of the Times’ singling out Daley on Twitter.

Alex Kay-Jelski, the sports editor for the Times, responded to Logan’s tweet to say that the change had been made for second edition of the paper.

“A bit of leeway for how close to deadline we are trying to get these Olympic papers out though! #manic”

Kay-Jelski added that a list of “five things you need to know” about Goodfellow was to run in all editions.

Sharon Goodfellow, the mother of the 19-year-old Olympian following the games with enthusiasm, expressed her disappointment with some of the coverage on Twitter.

She told Nick Sutton, editor of the BBC News website, that she was “very surprised” by the choice of photo on the Telegraph’s front page.

In a reply to another user she said she’d “just done her first bit of media bashing”: “How insensitive! I hope they sort before morning.”

She also said she had tweeted a complaint to the Telegraph.

But some reports got her seal of approval as she enthusiastically retweeted mentions of her son.

Goodfellow did not respond to Guardian’s response for comment but told her son to “have a great time enjoying the rest of the Olympics”.

She later said she had received several hundreds of messages after Dan’s win – “Looks like there will be lots in papers today!” – and retweeted a Twitter moment titled, “The thirst is real for men’s diving and gymnastics”.

Dan Goodfellow gave no sign on social media of being fazed by the front pages, tweeting that the bronze medal was a “dream come true”.

Daley had also shared his congratulations.

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