Movie Review: TRADERS

Killian Scott Waits In Toilet

It's not trading stocks it's trading for money where the loser gets killed

It’s a game of cat and mouse and the prize is money in the new thriller ‘Traders.'

When the financial company they work for goes bust with a £14 billion loss, two men are left wondering what to do next. Killian Scott is Harry Fox, the good looking alpha male with an amazing flat who is used to making tons of money. John Bradley is Vernon Stynes, overweight and bit of a schlub, but he’s the one who has lots of ideas. He creates a new website business called Traders. The website has nothing to do with financial trading - it has to do with money exchanging hands, but the catch being that one man has to kill another man in order to get the money (trade the money). At first Harry dismisses Vernon’s idea, but when he falls behind in his bills and is resorted to taking a call centre job, he decides that he’s going to give it a try. So he sets up a trade - a meetup - with another trader from the website, and easily kills him, and taking the prize money. Harry buries him in the grave that both he and the dead man dug, it’s one of the rules of the game. Harry is hooked - this is way too easy for him. He continues to set up more and more trades, obtaining lots more money. But things, of course, don’t go according to plan. When Harry and Vernon decide to trade after an argument, Vernon gets severely injured by Harry and they call it off. Harry then feels sorry for Vernon so he let’s him recuperate in his flat. In the meantime, Harry gets to intimately know Vernon's neighbor Orla (Nika McGuigan), who comes to Harry’s flat to check on Vernon. Will almost killing his best friend teach Harry a lesson or will he continue to trade until he’s had enough, or worse yet, get killed?

There lots of men getting killed in ’Traders’ but there doesn’t seem to be anyone reporting them missing. It all boils down to a final showdown where Harry is about to kill a young man half his age and it’s at this point that ’Traders' gets to be a bit unbelievable and silly. ‘Traders’ is a film that probably won’t do much trade at the box office.