9 stupid things my work colleagues said in 2017

Here's 9 stupid things my work colleagues said.

1. 'They'd never lay me off!'

2. 'It's only a bit of fun. A brief office fling never did anyone any harm!'.

3. 'Our traders don't hide losses!'.

4. 'They'll never find that e-mail - there must be millions to go through!'.

5. 'Our operations staff aren't clever enough to engage in fraud'.

6. 'Bonuses overall are down, but mine will be just fine'.

7. 'But everyone lets their hair down at the Christmas Party, don't they ?'

8. 'No-one cares what time I get in the office; I'm not paid by the hour'.

9. 'Harrassment ? She should be so lucky!'

image: © Alan Bruce

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