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Jury reaches verdict on one Barclays trader in libor case

Courtroom Gavel

The jury in the trial of five former Barclays traders over Libor-rigging allegations said they’ve reached a decision on one of the defendants, and were told by the judge that he would accept a non-unanimous verdict on the rest after the panel said they’d reached an impasse.



England's Raheem Sterling in action with Wales' Joe Allen

Wales’ unsung hero Joe Allen earns high praise from team-mates at Euro 2016

Some 48 hours after ‘Joe Allen Appreciation Day’ was trending on Twitter, the Wales players decided to hold one of their own as Gareth Bale and Neil Taylor took it in turns to celebrate the influence of a midfielder who is compared to everyone from Pirlo to Xavi but just wants to be himself. “He’s Joe Allen,” Bale said, when asked if the Liverpool player reminded him of anyone. “And he’s been amazing in this tournament for us.”