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We all get stressed, but how do you beat it?

This is the theme of Men’s Health Week, a Men’s Health Forum campaign which kicks off this Monday 13th June. The aim is to encourage men to take action by talking about how they beat stress and what could be causing it.

If things aren’t right inside your head, it doesn't matter how much you can bench-press, how much you earn or how often you get lucky, you won't feel good. 1 in 8 men have experienced a mental health problem with the most common causes being work, money worries, relationship issues and bereavement.

That’s why it is imperative that you’re aware of how stress can affect your mind, body and behaviour.

With 12 men on average taking their own lives every single day, it’s good to know how you can beat stress by understanding what could be causing it and how you could be managing it better.

So what are the warning signs? How can you learn to recognise them early on and do something about it? You may be, for instance, experiencing an increase or decrease in your appetite, loss of sleep or maybe you’re sleeping too much?

We all know it’s not easy to talk about how you’re feeling and it can be difficult to express your emotions, our guide on symptoms of stress can help you do just that. To learn some tips on how to talk about how you may be feeling, have a look at our Men’s Health infographic. You may even be concerned about a mate? There are simple things you can do like ask ‘how’s it going?’ or share an activity together like go play footie, you don’t need to solve anything - just listen.

BWC are proud to support Men’s Health Week and encourage men to talk to their friends, family or those close to them about how they’re feeling – or you could talk to a professional.

Read our guide on how to manage your stress levels for more information and give our Beating Stress Interactive tool a go to help you overcome and prevent stress.

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View BWC’s Men’s Health Week infographic

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