It is up to The Walking Dead producers to make things right for the fans

Daryl Walking Dead 1

The Walking Dead fan favourite has been talking about season seven but the producers have a lot of making up to do.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio and later published online, Norman Reedus spoke about season seven of The Walking Dead and how the follow-up to Negan’s non-kill was going to be extraordinary.

Frustrations were rife after the show’s producers opted not to show who Negan brought his baseball bat down on in the season six finale earlier this year but Reedus – who plays Daryl on the show – feels it will be well worth the wait.

Talking about the season seven premiere, which airs in October, the fan favourite said, “Trust me. I think probably the planet is going to explode. That’s my feeling. It’s so good.”

The problem is, the planet already exploded when fans witnessed the perspective switch in the final moments of the last episode.

It is hard to think of a creative choice in another show that has caused quite so much anger among its fan base, with the vast majority screaming expletives – or at least thinking them – when The Walking Dead opted not to conclude a story it had been setting up for months.

Instead we were left to wait, the use of a cliff-hanger ensuring the next episode breaks all kinds of records.

The world (of The Walking Dead fans) exploded already and it is the producers job to put it back together again with an episode – and ultimately a season – that does not jump the shark or leave fans guessing for the sake of water-cooler discussion and ratings.