Fear the Walking Dead star explains what is next for Nick and Alicia

Fear The Walking Dead Season Two Promo Shot

Alicia and Nick are in for some interesting times when Fear the Walking Dead returns later this year.

This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead season two.

Fear the Walking Dead actor Cliff Curtis – who plays Travis Manawa – has been talking to IB Times about the second half of season two, specifically what is in store for his step-children Nick and Alicia.

The midseason finale left everything up in the air with the survivors splitting into smaller groups, with Travis opting to repair the psychological damage done to his son and Nick wandering amidst the zombies after fire tore through what appeared to be a safe haven.

It is a method used effectively on The Walking Dead, allowing multiple stories to be told while keeping things fresh, but the decision to do the same on the companion show has not been met with the same enthusiasm.

The midseason finale frustrated far more than it excited and the producers will have to deliver some quality television to win back the doubters after a lacklustre end to what has been an overall decent first half.

Speaking to IB Times about what we can expect for Alicia and Nick going forward, Curtis said, “Fans of the show are going to enjoy how Alicia’s character evolves and they are going to grow as well. She and Nick are going to have a very strong story in the second season. We are going to see how they are coping with the apocalypse. They have got great storylines.”

Fear the Walking Dead returns from its midseason break in August and will lead into the return of The Walking Dead in October.