Jon Snow and Daenerys meeting in Game of Thrones could be closer than you think

Daenerys Game Of Thrones

Could we be about to see another vital meeting in Game of Thrones to ultimately bring the two big players together?

This article contains spoilers and potential spoilers for Game of Thrones season six.

While the latest episode of Game of Thrones will be remembered for one reason and one reason only, there was also an interesting sub-plot involving Daenerys and the seemingly doomed Ser Jorah Mormont.

Having rolled up his sleeve for the umpteenth time, finally revealing his greyscale to the mother of dragons, it seemed a fitting way to end his time on the show when he finally admitted just how much he loved her.

But instead of casting him aside – again! – or letting him walk away of his own volition, instead Daenerys gave him a new mission: to cure himself of the deadly disease.

We know it is possible after Shireen lived on despite her facial disfigurement, and let’s face it Jorah is so well loved among the show’s fan base that he will surely be there at the end when Daenerys finally takes – or crushes – the Iron Throne.

But in so doing could Jorah meet the man who will ultimately introduce him to Jon Snow, who will in turn get to meet the last (known) Targaryen?

With Samwell Tarly heading off to Oldtown to become a maester, learning the tricks of the trade that could reverse the effects of greyscale and the like, surely it is not too much to assume his and Jorah’s paths will cross sooner rather than later.

After all, Jon and Daenerys need to meet somehow and what better way than through their respectively most loyal servants?

This is A Song of Ice and Fire after all, and if we are to assume that Daenerys and her dragons will prove to be the ultimate weapon against the White Walkers, it is about time someone brought her up to speed.