Game of Thrones set to reveal Tower of Joy secret in upcoming episode

Tower Of Joy Game Of Thrones

The next episode of Game of Thrones could finally see a much anticipated reveal.

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The Independent has published some news that is likely to pique the interest of Game of Thrones fans across the globe.

After the initial Tower of Joy scene was frustratingly cut short earlier in season six, it seems the next instalment could finally reveal what Ned Stark found there after the actor who plays his younger self – Robert Aramayo – was revealed to have a part in Monday’s episode.

For those who want to avoid potential spoilers it is best you stop reading now, but for everyone still with us, it is a common fan theory that when we finally see Ned make it into the Tower of Joy he will find his sister Lyanna along with her son, who will grow up to become Jon Snow.

The R+L=J theory is now more popular than ever after the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was resurrected having been murdered by his sworn brothers, and with Bran now out on his own, he could return to the past to get the answers he so desperately craves.

With Aramayo also appearing in the final episode of season six there is a chance Game of Thrones’ writers will wait until then to finally reveal Jon’s parentage…or indeed the alternative if there is one.

But fans do not want to be kept waiting any longer and it is time, after six and a half seasons, for the answers we have all been craving.