Fear the Walking Dead mid-season finale: Bad choices from characters and creators alike

Nick And Madison Fear The Waking Dead

Vincent Ralph reviews the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead season two episode seven.

Fear the Walking Dead reached the midway point of season two this week with the worst episode of its entire run.

In the past the show made interesting decisions that suggested it could move out of the shadow of its progenitor. However, its latest instalment was a mess made all the worse by terrible creative decisions.

Much has been made of Fear the Walking Dead’s plethora of unlikeable leads, with only Nick, Strand and Daniel generating much love thus far.

So it was baffling to see the latter take a swift turn for the worse and torch their previously safe haven (which went up surprisingly quickly given the sheer size of the compound) when a more subtle exploration of PTSD would have been both sensible and welcome.

Then there is Nick – an intriguing character who too quickly believed Celia’s theory regarding the outbreak and has taken the gut-smeared t-shirt look a little too far.

Worst of all for the former drug addict – whose fix of choice is now clearly walking among the dead – was his baffling decision to stay behind despite everything that had happened to his family previously.

It was a move so out of character that one wonders if the makers of Fear the Walking Dead have any intention of embracing the individual development that has worked so well on AMC’s parent show.

That is before we even mention Chris, who has gone from sullen teen to subtle threat to gun-wielding kidnapping psychopath in a couple of hours.

More often than not, dividing the survivors works well over on The Walking Dead and now Fear appears to be taking the same path.

The problem is you have to care about those groups before you are willing to invest your time in their individual journeys, and Fear the Walking Dead has lost any support it had previously built up with a mid-season finale full of foolish choices from characters and creators alike.