Why isn't BT's AMC channel showing Preacher? The backlash begins

Preacher 1

The latest show from AMC will air not on its UK channel but on Amazon's streaming service.

When AMC launched their UK channel it was with considerable fanfare and a humdinger of an introductory show.

It may have been exclusively for BT customers, but in being the first to show Fear the Walking Dead it had a hook many were keen to take advantage of.

After all, The Walking Dead is one of the biggest programmes on television and the ready-made fan-base (if only initially) for a companion show was immense.

It remains to be seen how many people switched to BT for the sole purpose of watching Fear and the various other AMC shows expected to follow. But if they did they will be left disappointed by the news that Preacher – the much anticipated new comic book adaptation from the company – will not air on its UK channel but instead will stream on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Surely the point of having an AMC channel in the UK is to bring AMC content to those who subscribe, even if that audience is limited to anyone that opts for BT.

Of course the rest of the country will be celebrating and rightly so. Preacher is set to be a huge success and the opening episode suggests the tone is perfect for the subject matter.

But if AMC viewers in this country are left with little more than Fear the Walking Dead and repeats of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, it may not be too long before the backlash begins.