A tough year and an unknown fate: Orange is the New Black star lifts lid on season four

Orange Is The New Black

The star of Orange is the New Black has been speaking about the next season.

Orange is the New Black returns for its fourth season in June and the Netflix show’s star, Taylor Schilling, has been speaking to Popsugar.com about the potential fate of her character Piper.

When the prison drama began it focused predominantly on the newly incarcerated Piper and how she struggled to fit in at Litchfield Penitentiary. However as the show has gone on we have seen other characters come to the fore, with some of the most interesting sub-plots involving the likes of Red and Crazy Eyes.

Season three saw Piper’s journey from entrepreneur to downright badass as she turned the tables on Stella in vicious fashion, so could we see the once sickly sweet main character go full Heisenberg in the upcoming episodes?

Only time will tell, but Schilling has gone on record to suggest there is a chance Piper will not see the outside world again, despite the show set to run for at least seven seasons.

When asked by Popsugar.com about what to expect in Orange is the New Black season four, Shilling said, “This is a tough year for Piper.”

She was then asked if her character ever made it out, to which she replied, “I don’t know…I don’t know.”

It would be a fine twist if Piper ends up getting even more time added to her sentence and ultimately becomes the prison matriarch; then again she could meet her match and, as we have seen before on the show, they are not afraid to cut ties with certain characters when the time is right.