Brienne and Tormund? Game of Thrones director addresses potential romance

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Poster

We could be about to see a very unlikely love affair on Game of Thrones.

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season six.

Game of Thrones director Daniel Sackheim has been speaking to Reddit users regarding the recent introduction of a budding romance between Brienne and Tormund.

While the latest episode of the show, The Book of the Stranger, contained some huge moments including Sansa and Jon’s reunion, Osha’s death at the hands of Ramsay and Daenerys’s fiery return to form, it was the flirtatious eye contact of two much loved characters that really got the fans talking.

Brienne and Tormund would be a match made in heaven – or whatever it is the knight and the wildling believe in – and Sackheim addressed their meeting and apparent interest in each other during a Reddit AMA.

“I will say I was amazed by the reception that flirtation received on the internet,” the Game of Thrones director said. “It was surprising certainly because Brienne’s character has been driven largely by duty and honour, and we’ve never got to see her as a sexual being.

“Torment (sic) is, well, a wildling, so enough said there. It was a very unexpected development.”

Earlier in the show’s run there were suggestions of a potential love story between Brienne and Jaime, but with the latter now back in King’s Landing alongside his sister it seems the protector of Sansa Stark could be about to have some attention by the owner of the show’s most impressive beard.

Brienne could certainly do with some happiness given her journey on the show so far and while she puts duty before all else, if anyone can persuade her to forget that for a while it is Tormund.