Fear the Walking Dead actor says midseason finale will make fans' heads explode

Fear The Walking Dead Season Two Promo Shot

Fear the Walking Dead will take a brief hiatus after next week's episode.

This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead.

Colman Domingo, who plays Strand in Fear the Walking Dead, has been speaking to mashable.com about the upcoming midseason finale, and he has promised fans they are in for a treat.

The companion show of The Walking Dead has made some bold moves in recent weeks and is starting to look like a very good series in its own right, and after last week’s dark instalment brought the characters to an apparently safe haven, it was not long before things took a turn for the worse.

Strand opted to shoot his lover Thomas in the head rather than join him in zombie limbo, and now it seems the mysterious businessman is set to pay for his actions…certainly if Celia has anything to do with it.

Speaking to Mashable about Sunday night’s finale, Domingo said, “I think he’s at a crossroads. I think we’re going to find out a lot about that in the next episode.

“Your head is going to explode. You really see the world has changed and then you’re wondering what’s going to happen to these people.”

While Fear the Walking Dead has not won over all its viewers it is certainly making bold moves to stand apart from its parent show, and with Strand, Nick and Daniel they have three characters who have quickly become fan favourites for many.