Fear the Walking Dead's Chris could be a villain more monstrous than Negan or the Governor

Chris Fear The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead has a character who could be taking a very interesting turn.

This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead.

We are used to villains in the Walking Dead universe, but they are not always as advertised.

While the on-screen version of the Governor was a hateful if considerably tamer version of the comic book despot, and Negan is a whole new breed of evil, there is a character in Fear the Walking Dead that we could grow to despise even more.

With both The Walking Dead’s big bads there was a reason for their actions, albeit a twisted one.

But over on the companion show Chris is showing signs of becoming a very different kind of monster.

We have seen the zombie apocalypse destroy the sanest of minds, so after discovering that his previously absent father had killed his infected mother having been thrown into the most dysfunctional of family setups while simultaneously dealing with the undead and a hastily assembled group of would-be pirates, it is no surprise Chris is a little messed up.

But in recent episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, the teenager has shown signs of becoming far more than just an archetype. Instead we could be seeing the origin of something a lot worse.

Just how much Reed got under Chris’s skin prior to the latter shooting the former in the face remains to be seen, but as he stood and watched Madison struggle against a zombie attack we saw the flickers of a potential psychopath.

When he followed that up by threatening Alicia we saw a character realising that power is available in the new world if you are willing to take it, while his reasoning for reaching for a knife while the pair slept is unclear but not easily explained away.

We know villains were created by the outbreak, we have seen many down the years on The Walking Dead, but if Fear opts to show us how one is forged, not for survival but through a twisted sense of hatred both for his familial circumstances and his powerlessness, that is to be applauded.

And even if Chris does ultimately overcome his difficulties and play the hero, his struggles in the interim will make for fascinating viewing.