Game of Thrones season six episode four review: A win for the women

Sansa And Jon Game Of Thrones

The latest episode of Game of Thrones was all about girl power.

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season six episode four.

Game of Thrones season six continues at an impressive pace, with the latest episode setting up some significant moments across the seven kingdoms.

The episode – entitled Book of the Stranger – was not without its missteps (we get it, the High Sparrow likes to talk!) but for the most part we were treated to an enjoyable and vitally important hour.

It started with a moment we have been waiting for since season one, with two of the Stark children reunited as Sansa arrived at Castle Black to be embraced by the recently resigned Lord Commander Jon Snow.

It was a brilliantly underplayed moment, with attention quickly turning to a potential battle for Winterfell that Jon was reluctant to get involved in until he realised just what a bastard (in both senses of the word) Ramsay Bolton actually is.

The fact that Sansa pushed to reclaim what is rightfully hers, and later read the words Jon first branded false only for his sister to put him right, proved how far she has come.

Sansa is showing signs of becoming as feisty and formidable as her mother and that will be no bad thing.

There was also some real movement over in King’s Landing, with Cersei and Olenna putting their feud on the backburner and turning their attention to destroying the Faith Militant.

It is about time. After all, these two schemers are among the show’s most powerful and yet it was a wonderful moment when they finally realised they are far more effective when focusing their anger in the same direction.

And in an episode that was all about the rise of women in a patriarchal word, they saved the best for last with Daenerys going full circle, rising from the flames to prove once and for all that the Dothraki really should not underestimate her.

The mother of dragons was at risk of becoming redundant after too long doing very little, but the latest episode suggested she is about to get her mojo back…along with her dragons.

It was not all about the women, as Tyrion’s negotiation with the masters of Slavers Bay proved just how good a character he is when given something to do…or at least some meaty dialogue to get his teeth into.

But when you consider Theon’s exchange with his sister back on the Iron Islands, the artist formerly known as Reek putting his weight behind Yara’s claim for that particular throne, it was the women who came out of this episode considerably better than they normally do.