Five things we learned about Prison Break season five from the new trailer

Michael Scofield Prison Break

Vincent Ralph takes a closer look at the new trailer for the Prison Break reboot.

The official trailer for Prison Break season five has been released, and it has left the vast majority of fans excited for what is to come.

The show is set for a mid-season premiere in the US and will air on Fox both there and in the UK, so what have we learned from the initial trailer?

There will be a prison break

That was always likely to be the case given the title of the show, but Prison Break was not always set behind bars with the second and fourth seasons going all Fugitive and Ocean's 11 respectively.

This time Michael Scofield is back behind bars in a Moroccan jail, but as we know by now he is not built for enclosed spaces.

It has all gone a bit 24

At times during the trailer it feels a little like 24, with mysterious foreign agents and lots of running around.

This could be a good thing or it could get a bit silly; only time will tell.

The old gang are back

We already knew from the casting that the familiar faces would return, but now we have seen it for ourselves.

Not only does the trailer show Scofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows, but there are also welcome returns for Sara Tancredi, T-Bag and C-Note.

Unless it was a case of blink-and-you-missed-it, Sucre does not appear to be in the trailer but Scofield’s former cellmate will be back for the new season.

We will meet Michael junior

The trailer starts with Michael’s son asking Sara what his father was like.

This is one reunion we are looking forward to seeing, although if the boy ends up getting kidnapped that will be a step too far even for this show.

This is both an extension and a reboot

The habit in TV right now is to reboot familiar favourites and it looks like this will be no different, going back to where it all began.

However, we know these characters so well by now that it will also be an extension of a world we are keen to get back to when the premiere finally airs later this year.