Fear the Walking Dead season two episode six review: Old ground but new threats

Ofelia Fear The Walking Dead

Vincent Ralph reviews the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead and needless to say spoilers abound.

Up to this point Fear the Walking Dead has been nothing like the show that spawned it, which is both a good and a bad thing: Good because we are seeing a different spin on things and bad because, let’s face it, Fear is not as good as The Walking Dead.

But the latest episode of the show, while exploring just how dark things can get for the living when the dead rise again, made a creative choice that will have raised eyebrows more than pulses.

Back in season two of The Walking Dead, Hershel’s barn full of walkers was a smart twist that led to one hell of a pay-off. And while it is understandable that more than one person might think it was a good idea to keep zombies in their backyard, do we really need to meet another on screen?

This time it is Celia who thinks the walkers are not dead, and while her take on things is different from Hershel’s, is it really different enough for us to care?

Perhaps Fear the Walking Dead will surprise us; after all, it took inspiration from Rick’s use of zombie guts and ran with it, turning it from a gimmick to a survivalist’s camouflage of choice. But for now the move seems like a re-tread in a show that should be exploring new ground.

That plot point aside, Sicut Cervus was another interesting hour for the show, with Nick’s confession that he was getting tired of the killing leading to the start of what can only be an unhealthy relationship with Celia.

There was also a superb juxtaposition set up in the opening scene, during which parishioners took the communion that would soon kill them before trying to eat the literal bodies of our survivors when they arrived onshore.

Strand’s decision not to join Thomas was also well done – although it is unlikely to go down well when his mother finds out – but what everyone will be talking about in the aftermath is Chris and his increasingly disturbing tendencies.

From watching Madison struggle against a zombie attacker to threatening Alisha to standing over the pair with a knife, this is one character that has quickly embraced the dark side in a show growing more ominous by the week.