Leave George R. R. Martin alone: No one has the right to force another's imagination

Kings Landing Game Of Thrones

The author of Game of Thrones is still some way from finishing the next book in the series.

Game of Thrones fans eager for the publication of the next book in the series – The Winds of Winter – are likely to have a very long wait.

After all, George R. R. Martin’s last book – A Dance with Dragons – was published way back in 2011 and comments from the novelist on his journal suggest the next instalment is still some way off completion.

Martin’s comments came after the release of another chapter from his upcoming book focusing on Dorne, which is a setting far removed from that adopted by the TV show.

On screen Dorne and its limited inhabitants come across as two-dimensional and feel like they are from a completely different show, whereas in the novels they play a significant role in the overarching themes.

It is baffling as to why or how the Game of Thrones show-runners have failed so spectacularly to recapture this plot strand when so much of the show is near on perfect, but fail they have, which makes the timing of Martin’s latest teaser all the more interesting.

The thing is, whenever Martin releases a new chapter or talks in any way about his ongoing series, there are those who quickly berate him for taking so long, who tell him he should be done by now.

But who are they to determine another’s creative process, who are they to dictate another’s life?

The added pressure of producing quality content to a canon that has now gone global will certainly play its part. After all, Martin wrote the first novels amid relative peace and quiet, not as the celebrity he has since become.

The same can be said of J.K. Rowling, whose first four Harry Potter novels were all superb but whose later output lacked the pacing of the books she wrote before the pressure was a thousandfold.

One hopes, of course, that Martin does eventually complete the series, but fans would surely rather he took his time and released the best possible novel, rather than rushing something out to cash in as so many others have done before him.

No one has any right to demand creativity from another; it comes when it comes and we should be grateful it is there at all.

You can read Martin's latest sample chapter of the upcoming novel here.