These people now know who Negan killed in The Walking Dead

Negan And Rick The Walking Dead

Negan's introduction to The Walking Dead means someone is leaving the show for good.

According to a report from that scene involving Negan and Rick’s group has finally wrapped on set, with the almost always reliable The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page confirming the mystery was solved – at least for those involved – on May 4.

As we all know by now, the season six finale left us frustrated rather than elated following the decision to switch perspectives just as Negan’s baseball bat Lucille came crashing down on the head of, well, someone.

Since that final shot there have been numerous theories doing the rounds on the internet with interesting cases put forward for any one of the big hitters to be taking their last breath in the season seven premiere.

Of course we are none the wiser at this stage and The Walking Dead producers clearly want us to stay that way, with The Spoiling Dead Fans claiming the filming was actually done inside a studio to avoid any and all prying eyes.

Given that one of Rick’s group bit the bullet in the middle of a forest, that may not have been particularly easy to recreate, showing the effort creator Robert Kirkman and show-runner Scott Gimple are going to in a bid to keep this secret right through until the October air date.

Something tells us it will leak out eventually, but at this point there are only questions and no answers.