It took UK radio far too long to acknowledge the brilliance of Twenty One Pilots

Vincent Ralph looks at the belated acceptance of Twenty One Pilots by mainstream British radio.

If you listen to mainstream British radio, you would assume Twenty One Pilots had just arrived on the scene and that their first song was Stressed Out.

After all, the single has been played almost constantly since some of the biggest stations in the UK realised just how good the band is.

The problem is, Twenty One Pilots have actually been around for years and there is a considerable amount of material that will never get the air-time it deserves on this side of the Atlantic.

It was a year ago this month that the two-piece released their second studio album Blurryface in the US, so why are the biggest British radio stations, most notably Radio One, only now getting on board?

Of course not every band, not even every great band, can have their songs played on mainstream radio, but there is something very wrong when an album like Vessel can be released without the UK’s most popular station cottoning on.

That album, released in 2013, is superb from beginning to end, and yet you would not have known if you listened solely to stations that stick so strictly to their playlists during peak hours that you could learn the words to next week’s number one by the end of a single day.

That is not to say Twenty One Pilots do not have a huge fan base this side of the pond. The skeleton clique is as passionate in the UK as it is in the US; it is just a shame that it took so long for everyone else to catch on.

Fans will not mind about that. After all, Twenty One Pilots are a secret you want to share…but not too much.

But it is worth reminding the masses that this is a band with a truly spectacular back catalogue of songs; not a breakthrough act suddenly deemed worthy by a medium that has the power to determine if not what we love then certainly what we listen to until we opt to tune out.

Twenty One Pilots are special; they are different; they are everything a great band should be.

So if all you have ever heard is Stressed Out, do yourself a favour and buy Vessel…then Blurryface…and in so doing join an ever-expanding group of people who accept Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun as true masters of their craft.