Fear the Walking Dead: Turning the zombie apocalypse into a Carry On movie

Fear The Walking Dead Season Two Promo Shot

Fear the Walking Dead appears to be embracing the craziness of a zombie apocalypse.

This article contains spoilers for season two of Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead was always likely to suffer in comparison with the programme that spawned it, but on recent evidence The Walking Dead’s sister show is well aware of that and is reacting accordingly.

Two key moments in recent weeks suggest AMC’s latest offering has watched Rick Grimes and company and is planning on doing things a little differently.

The first suggestion that we are in for something different was when we saw something familiar, but this time embraced wholeheartedly rather than for a single scene.

That was the moment Nick realised the power of zombie guts smeared over the living – a survival technique he was quick to repeat when Strand sent him on the mission that introduced Luis to the show.

Rather than using it as a gimmick of the week, Fear the Walking Dead understands that any right-minded person trying to stay alive against an undead army would do whatever best keeps them standing, and in so doing Nick has also added dark humour to the show, becoming a junkie survivalist who has been in far dirtier situations before all this went down and keen to embrace the new world.

Similarly the moment in last week’s episode when a zombie Reed was used in a hostage exchange was darkly comic and frankly absurd.

A silly moment it may have been, but it was also a sign that Fear the Walking Dead is going to have fun with their version of the apocalypse.

There is a long way to go and we may ultimately delve into the jet black territory of The Walking Dead’s later seasons, but Fear… sometimes feels like the Carry On equivalent, and I for one do not see that as a bad thing.