Fear the Walking Dead season two episode five review: A zombie wouldn't be that quiet!

Alicia Fear The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead continues to impress and infuriate in equal measure.

This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead season two episode five.

After last week’s impressive episode of Fear the Walking Dead, I am not quite sure what to make of the latest offering.

The fifth episode of season two had a few standout moments – most notably an imaginative way of doing a hostage exchange despite one of those hostages being recently deceased – but even that scene raised more eyebrows than pulses.

Chris’s decision to kill Reed made sense given the former’s failure to pull the trigger when he first had the chance, but his almost instant realisation that he had scuppered Madison’s plan to get Alicia and Travis back smacked of a show using poor decisions from its characters to justify the increasingly tough obstacles in their way.

And how zombie Reed failed to groan with the bag over his head, despite that being the undead’s default setting, was another unbelievable moment in a show that is risking jumping the shock far sooner than The Walking Dead.

Similarly, Alicia’s confusing relationship with Jack and the latter’s sudden decision to do a runner with her was a little too contrived – and ultimately pointless – while Alex’s return was in no way shocking and only suggested she will pop up every few episodes before finally realising Travis and company are about as good as good people get in a zombie apocalypse.

Strand spent the entire hour under a blanket and there was nowhere near enough of Nick, who had the best line in the episode when he admitted he really didn’t mind it out there.

There was also a standout scene involving Reed and Daniel, with the steely-eyed captor explaining that scary men do not need to declare themselves as such.

However the episode overall was too slow and one wonders if we are set for an adventure-of-the-week model as the crew of the Abigail slowly make their way to Mexico.