Game of Thrones actor says fans are wrong about this theory

Rickon Stark Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans witnessed another unexpected death this week.

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season six episode three.

There have been numerous deaths on Game of Thrones over the years but the latest has caught plenty of viewers by surprise, with Rickon Stark’s dire wolf Shaggydog seemingly decapitated by House Umber as a gift to Ramsay Bolton.

As is often the case, conspiracy theorists were quick to have their say, with some suggesting the head given to the new lord of Winterfell was in fact a ringer – a trick to earn Ramsay’s trust and ultimately enable Rickon, Osha, the Umbers and the real Shaggydog to retake the castle.

It was an interesting and exciting theory, but the actor who plays Rickon – Art Parkinson – has shot it down pretty swiftly in an interview with The Huffington Post.

When asked if Shaggydog was in fact dead, Parkinson said, “Yeah, I’d say so. It was a little bit disappointing because looking at the dogs we had on set…and that you’d never really get to hang out with them again.

“When I read that Shaggydog was dead I was definitely a little upset.”

While we know from past experience that Game of Thrones actors do not always tell the whole story following a death on the show, it certainly seems that in this case Shaggydog has most likely gone to the dog sanctuary in the sky.

But even if the Umbers are not working against Ramsay, there is one angry former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who could soon be marching on the place he once called home.