Four years after its final episode, why I still miss Chuck

Chuck 1

Vincent Ralph looks back on the five seasons of Chuck and discusses why it was like nothing else on television, before or since.

These days, the vast majority of event television – as great as it is – is pretty morbid. After all, the two biggest shows right now are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and neither is renowned for its feel-good factor.

One show that had that in abundance was Chuck, and while it has long since ended, I still miss it dearly.

The final season may not have had the same energy as the earlier offerings, but for me at least it was always must-watch TV.

From the very first episode, broadcast back in 2007, I was hooked. Chuck was not your average comedy, nor your average spy procedural. It was not your average anything.

Chuck was original, full of laugh-out-loud moments and pop culture references that felt anything but forced. While the supporting cast was perfect, most notably Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes and Adam Baldwin as John Casey.

The latter’s casting was the only reason to be pleased with Firefly’s cancellation, and along with Yvonne Strahovski’s Sarah Walker, the quartet ensured the show quickly built up a passionate and powerful fan base.

Chuck may not have generated the praise or the column inches of the behemoths of television, but it was superb – a show put together lovingly and intelligently and one that, like Community a few years later, lived longer than the money-men initially dictated.

I cannot think of a show on television these days that matches Chuck for its pure…Chuckness. It was great fun but it had an underlying level of emotion that raised it above the competition.

It was also weird in a way that the best comedies are, embracing the farcical nature of its subject matter and throwing in the madness of retail to ensure Chuck’s secret life and his reality were each as absurd as the other.

Chuck obviously ran its course but it will live long in my memory, and hopefully one day another brave, brazen and downright bonkers show will follow in its footsteps.