The Walking Dead executive producer says same thing four times when asked about season seven

Zombie Chain The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead's zombie extraordinaire has been talking about the upcoming season.

The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero has been speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about season seven of the show, hinting at one character’s possible fate while being extremely coy about several other key factors.

The season six finale left the vast majority of fans tearing their hair out in frustration after show-runner Scott Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman opted not to show who was bludgeoned to death by new villain Negan.

That decision has prompted plenty of anger both online and off and now Nicotero – the go-to director when it comes The Walking Dead’s biggest moments – has given some pretty vague answers to questions about the upcoming season.

When asked about the state of Maggie and if there could be more than one death in the opening moments of season seven, Nicotero said, “I don’t know. Maggie didn’t look so good when we wrapped up that episode…but nobody looked really good in those last few moments.”

Of course Nicotero is not going to give anything away even if he does know what Kirkman and Gimple’s plans are for the future, but it is still interesting that he opted to plead ignorance on four separate occasions during the interview.

In fact, Nicotero replied with the words “I don’t know” when asked how many people will die in the next episode, if Negan’s actual kill will be shown or only the aftermath, if the victim of Lucille will return for the next episode in October and if fans can expect to see the storyline known as All Out War from the comics.

At its best The Walking Dead is superb television, and as they have done before one expects the producers to dazzle us with a great hour of television on its return.

After all, season six’s midseason finale was woeful, only for the debut of the second half to be one of the most thrilling hours of the show so far.

Expect the same when the series returns later this year, but do not expect Nicotero – or anyone else for that matter – to reply with anything other than “I don’t know” to the questions we really want answered.