Golden Years (MOVIE REVIEW)

Golden Years

Golden Years are truly golden, especially if you take to robbing banks!

Old age. Retirement. Pension. Medication. Disease. Death. This is what the pensioners in the new film ‘Golden Years’ are dealing with. But they also try to get even at the system that they feel is robbing them.

‘Golden Years’ is a cute and funny film about older people trying to get back what’s theirs. They feel the system is corrupt, so they take matters into their own hands. Retired couple Arthur Goode (Bernard Hill) and his wife Martha (Virginia McKenna), who’s ill with Crohn’s disease, eke out a living on their pension while spending time at the local club with friends Royston (Simon Callow), Brian (Philip Davis), and Shirley (Una Stubbs). But one day Arthur finds out that the company he spent a lifetime working for has gone bankrupt, and so has his pension. He doesn’t know what to do…….how is going to be able to take care of Martha? An opportunity presents itself when, while in front of a bank while money was being delivered, one of the guards trips and falls on the ground, and the other guard in the truck inadvertently passes the money to Arthur, who gladly takes it and runs. It sets off an idea where he enlists Martha, and eventually his friends, to take back what is rightfully theirs. Who would expect pensioners as bank robbers, with guns (actually cucumbers), and with pellet guns to black out CCTV cameras, of stealing money?

‘Golden Years’ is a delightful film with a cast of great actors all relishing their role as bank robbers. It gets even funnier when the local police keep thinking that the bank robbers are a malicious and very dangerous gang. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Ellen Thomas, the loquacious and horny local diva, she’s got some of the best lines in the film. Some of the robberies the gang pulls, however, off are a bit unbelievable, especially when they’re trying to get away but walking as slow as pensioners do. But nonetheless it’s a charming film that will make you think what retirement holds in store for you.