Bill Simmons says he would pick LeBron James over Steph Curry

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors stars are the two biggest names in the NBA.

US sports pundit Bill Simmons says he would still pick LeBron James over Steph Curry if he had to choose one NBA star to play for his team.

Asked specifically on his own podcast who he would choose, for one season only, Simmons responded that he had more faith in two-time NBA champion LeBron James.

James won both titles with the Miami Heat, and is bidding to win one for the Cleveland Cavaliers, losing in last year's championship finals to Curry's Golden State Warriors.

Simmons said: "For next season I'm trying to win the title, for just one season... I'd probably pick LeBron.

"Just because I think he's a safer health risk. I'm not 100 per cent sure I'm getting Curry for eight months straight. That would be my one fear.

"I think Curry is slightly better, he has a better effect on his teammates and is more representative of where the league is going, but LeBron I know I'm getting eight months, at a very high level."

Steph Curry was the league's MVP last year and led the Warriors to a record setting season, but has suffered two injuries in the play-offs, and is currently sidelined.