The Walking Dead has to make mind-blowing decision for the good of the show

Rick And Daryl The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has to do something truly mind-blowing to win back the fans frustrated by its most recent decision.

Fans of The Walking Dead may be getting a little tired of the constant speculation surrounding the season seven premiere…and there are still five months before that episode even airs. However, comic book creator Robert Kirkman has recently gone on record to hint at what is to come in a letter published in the latest issue of the comic.

Kirkman suggested the show is set for a twist we probably will not see coming, but in truth there is only one way The Walking Dead will win over those fans who feel it has started taking them for granted.

Of course they will still watch in their millions, but if the show wants to really make a statement it is time to kill Rick.

The producers made a huge error last season – a few in fact – so it is time to blast the sceptics out of the water by proving they have the balls to kill their lead character.

After all, the show can now go two or three episodes without Rick even being on screen and Daryl is primed to take his place as leader.

Now that would shake things up…while also giving Carl the motivation to ultimately avenge his father’s death and become a leader in his own right.

Of course it would be a drastic shift from the comics, and The Walking Dead has always been Rick’s story despite the sizeable cast, but it would also make sense when you consider why on earth Negan would pardon a man who has proved adept at wiping out swaths of Saviours already.

Some shows would implode without their lead and yet the same cannot be said of The Walking Dead – a show that has done enough world-building to prompt any one of a number of characters to ultimately step into Rick’s shoes.